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Modinakhe, built in the 18th century, is an important historical and archaeological fortress. Bronze and antique artifacts have been found here. There is a beautiful panoramic view of Upper Imereti from the fortress. The fortress is located 1 km north of Sachkhere. Papuna Tsereteli, a noble built it in the 30s of the XVIII century. The name of the fortress is related to an interesting legend. According to the legend, Papuna Tsereteli was refused by a noble Davit Abashidze to marry his daughter. The reason for the refusal was that Papuna did not have a fortress. Papuna Tsereteli did not accept his refusal and started building a fortress. When Papuna finished the construction, he wrote to Davit Abashidze: "Come and see." That’s why the fortress was named Modinakhe(“Come and See”).


Opening hours: every day.

Note: the fortress is being restored at present, but it can be visited for free at any time.