Modinakhe Fortress


Modinakhe – the fortress built in the 18th century is an important historical and archaeological monument. Artifacts of bronze and antiquity have been found here. From the fortress, there is a beautiful panoramic view of Upper Imereti. It is located 1 km north of Sachkhere. The fortress was built by a noble Papuna Tsereteli in the 1830s. The legend related to the name of the fortress is interesting, according to which a noble Davit Abashidze refused the proposal of Papuna Tsereteli to marry his daughter. As the reason for the refusal Davit Abashidze cited the fact that Papuna did not have the fortress. Papuna Tsereteli did not refuse his bride and started building the fortress. When Papuna finished the construction, he wrote to Davit Abashidze: “Come and see” (Modinakhe in Georgian). This is where the name of the castle comes from.

 Open: Every day.

Note: The castle is currently undergoing restoration work, but it can be visited at any time, free of charge.

საშუალო შეფასება – საშუალო ვარსკვლავების რაოდენობა

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დატოვე შეფასება