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The botanical garden of Kutaisi opened in 1840, and it is located one kilometer away from Kutaisi’s central square. One will have a nice experience if she/he will walk this way from the historical “Chain Bridge” to the garden. On the way to the garden, you can examine the catholic quarter and their historical church, along with another church _ “Mtsvanekvavila”, which literally means “Green Flower”. The flora of the garden includes subtropical trees and bushes, different kinds of flowers. One can notice squirrels while having a nice walk in the garden. In the center of the Botanical Garden stands 400 years old oak tree. Inside the tree, you can find a tiny chapel.


Entry: every day, 9:30-18:00

Address: Leselidze str. #2

How to get there: The Botanical Garden is located 1 km away from the Chain Bridge