Botanical Garden

Phone Number
+995 592177703
Leselidze #2
Working Hours
09:30 – 18:00

Kutaisi Botanical Garden’s establishment dates back to 1840, it is located one kilometer away from the central square of the city. It would be good if you walk this distance and follow the historical Chain bridge to Rioni bank, on the other side of which you will see the sights of Kutaisi, the historical Catholic quarter of Kutaisi, old cathedral and the Mtsvanekvavila Church (Green Flower). The flora of the garden is represented by subtropical trees and bushes, and different types of flowers. While walking in the garden, you will also notice squirrels in the trees. In the center of the botanical garden, in the hollow of a 400-year-old oak tree, you will find a small chapel.

How to get there: The Botanical Garden is located 1 km from the Chain Bridge. From the chain bridge, follow the river Rioni, Davit and Konstantine Mkheidze street.

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