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Tskaltubo Spa Resort is located 9 km away from Kutaisi. The unique landmark of the city is its architecture, which represents the buildings built in the Soviet, Stalinist empire style, some of which still need to be restored, although these buildings attract lovers of industrial tourism. Tskaltubo was known for its healing waters as early as the VII-IX centuries. The healing properties of thermal waters are still incomparable today. Tskaltubo mineral waters are characterized as slight radon chloride-magnesium waters. The water temperature is 33-35 degrees. It is soft, crystal clear, and odorless. Waters are recommended for both adults and children (above 3 years). Holidaymakers take baths to treat various diseases such as metabolic disorders, endocrine systems, gynecological diseases, rheumatism, polio, and cerebral palsy.

The treatment and rehabilitation centers are located in the central park area (78 ha) in the middle of the city, from where the baths are supplied with underground mineral waters. Perennial and rare varieties of deciduous and coniferous trees, evergreen shrubs, and flowers planted in the park create a pleasant atmosphere in the city.

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