Niko Nikoladze House-museum

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+995 598 950 283
Didi Jikhaishi village, Samtredia

House-museum of Niko Nikoladze (1843-1928), a famous public figure, publicist, scientist, and founder of Poti port. N. Nikoladze was the inventor of the high technologies of his time and brought European values to Georgia. He implemented the most important infrastructure projects such as the founding Poti, the city and the construction of the seaport in Poti, the construction of the Tbilisi-Poti railway (the first railway in Transcaucasia), etc. The N. Nikoladze House-Museum was opened in the village of Didi Jikhaishi In 1951. The museum keeps a collection of items brought from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, America, and Russia. There is also a rich library here. In the museum, you will find the latest technologies of that time, for example, a windmill of 1910, a washing machine brought from Berlin, a Kodak camera of the first release, a sundial, etc.

The last guest will be admitted at 16:00.

Ticket price – 5 GEL, guide service – 5 GEL.

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