Natural/Historical Monument

What To See?

Kutaisi and its surroundings are replete with magnificent sights. This ancient city, thousands of years old, harbors cultural and historical landmarks. Its streets, akin to a living museum, are adorned with artifacts spanning centuries.

Surrounding the City of Culture is the mesmerizing nature of Imereti. Our region offers various natural attractions.


Where To Eat?

Old age has elevated the culinary tradition of Imereti to perfection. In our region, traditional cuisine is a non-material cultural monument, and the diverse feasting table of Kutaisi is an idol that we cherish with our hearts.

Kutaisi is teeming with restaurants, cafes, and even food stands where you can savor not only traditional dishes but also modern culinary masterpieces.

Family Hotel

Where To Stay?

Whether it’s one night or one month, staying in Kutaisi is an unforgettable decision—waking up in this city is an independent tourist attraction in itself.

In the city, you can find any type of hotels, depending on your mood and budget.

Tour Agencies
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Tourist Services

In the city where history itself started, there are numerous attractions for tourists. For the sake of comfortable traveling in Kutaisi, we have compiled all the necessary information. You can find detailed information about tourism agencies and their services, as well as guides.

Adventurous Acitivities

Explore different activities in the close region of Imereti. Take a hike to the mountains, study enamel-making in the workshop or spend your days in a campervan!

Imereti is full of surprising and adventurous activities. You can make your stay here much more interesting.

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Creative Tourism

Pottery and Enameling are the oldest professions common in Georgia, which have been improved over the centuries and have brought us a lot of special dishes and enamels.