You will find yourself in a completely different landscape of the subalpine and alpine zones in the mountainous region of the Baghdati municipality, 70 kilometers away from Kutaisi. At an elevation of 2205 meters, on the top of the mountain, there is a natural monument “Kvasakdara” – stone pillars of volcanic origin, which have been preserved in various forms until today. One can see beautiful panoramic views to the south and north from that place. Mount Gormaghali rises to the west of the pillars. It should be noted that the place is characterized by rapid weather variability and visitors should preferably be prepared for it. The snow begins to melt in May; therefore, it is possible to get here easily. Also, between June and October, shepherds bring the cattle from nearby villages to summer pastures, and any visitor can taste locally made cheese and sulguni (a stretched-curd cheese). In August, the Kvasakdara stone pillar is an interesting place for birdwatchers as various prey birds migrate from north to south.

საშუალო შეფასება – საშუალო ვარსკვლავების რაოდენობა

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დატოვე შეფასება