Mtsvanekvavila Church

Kibuli 1st Lane, # 1
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9:00 – 21:00

Mtsvanekvavila church is located on the left bank of river Rioni, looking over the whole historic Jewish quarter. The main church was built in the 17th century. Another older church is of 1013 years but only its ruins have remained through difficult times. The name “Mtsvanekvavila” means Green Flower. In 1956 Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures was founded in the surrounding area of the church. Many prominent Georgians are buried there: Ioseb Otskheli, who established the first Georgian gymnasium in West Georgia, Meliton Balanchivadze _ the first of Georgian opera music composers and a father of prominent American choreographer George Balanchine. From the upland of Mtsvanekvavila, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and its surroundings.

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