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According to historical sources, the king’s residence was located on the left side of the river Rioni in the Middle Ages. A complex of several buildings located at the territory of White Bridge is described in the notes made by different travelers. From various assignment buildings included in this complex, only one withstood the test of time _ double-floured building, where the king held meetings and hosted honorable guests. The building is called “Golden Marque”. 19th-century “castle” went through significant changes, although it still contains fragments dating back to the 17th century. It bears great value as a rare monument of Georgian secular building’s architecture of Middle Ages. In the courtyard of Golden Marque stands 800 years old plane tree, which is also mentioned in the notes of 17th-century travelers.

საშუალო შეფასება – საშუალო ვარსკვლავების რაოდენობა

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