Tkibuli Reservoir

Tkibuli municipality

Tkibuli Reservoir is surrounded by forests and it is distinguished with beautiful natural landscapes. The area of the reservoir is perfect for a picnic, one will also easily find camping sites here. The Tkibuli Reservoir is abundant in fish and at the same time there is a good spot for fishing, so it attracts fishing lovers. The Tkibuli reservoir is rich in trout, carp, grass carp, silver carp, squalius cephalus, barbell and others. The reservoir is mainly fed by the water of the river Tkibula, which was lost in the karst shaft before the creation of the reservoir. So, the lake has been formed by the earthen embankment. The lake serves as a reservoir for the power station. It covers is 12.1 km2 and its maximum depth is 12.5m.

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