New Wine Cellar in Kutaisi

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Another very interesting location has been added to tourist attractions in Kutaisi, named “Satsnakheli”, meaning in English winepress.

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Present for tourists

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Tourism Division of Economic development and local self-government property management department of the City hall of Kutaisi Municipality gave Georgian traditional Christmas trees (Chichilaki) to arrival tourists at David the builder Kutaisi International Airport.

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New Tourist Logo/Slogan

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Kutaisi is delightful and hospitable city, full of positive emotions which last for a very long time and bring you back to our city many more times.

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Contest of Modern Tourist Attractions in Kutaisi!

Tourism Division of Kutaisi City Hall has announced a contest for the best project ideas, for creation the modern tourist attractions in Kutaisi. The concepts are not limited, but works must be creative, innovative, visually attractive, sophisticated and understandable.

Competition is open to all interested persons above the age of 18, except the Kutaisi City Hall employees. One contestant may present several works or several persons may present the joint works.

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Summer Evenings in Kutaisi

“Summer Evenings” have become a tradition in our city, but this year it’s something completely different!

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Energy efficient square

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In Kutaisi there is arranged The first “Solar – Chamomile”, energy efficient and environmentally friendly square in the historical centre of the city.

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TIC Statistics for 2016 year


Based on the data which are provided by the Kutaisi Tourism Information center, the number of international visitors has increased in 2016 compared to previous years.  From the last 6 months data, we have top countries such as Poland, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, and Israel.

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Festival "Ethno-Georgia" Takes Start


In royal district of Kutaisi, near the White Bridge area, on August 14 will take start the festival “Ethno-Georgia”, purpose of which is the popularization of Georgian ethnography. The festival will tour several cities.

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Information Center

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At present tourism information center is at Rustaveli avenue N3.

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7 New Direct Flights in Kutaisi

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On 23th September Wizz Air has opened new 25th base in Kutaisi. Today, the first direct flight has conducted from Berlin to Kutaisi.  Central and local government authorities, Wizz Air representatives and invited guests attended the ceremonial.

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Renovated Infrastructure Attracts Tourists

An old staircase, which leads to the Bagrati Cathedral has been renovated by the Kutaisi City Administration. It goes through a beautiful nature and is very popular among tourists.

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Caravan Art Forum

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From 17th - to 20th May, In Kutaisi was held modern art international festival “Caravan Art Forum”.

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Georgian National Ballet ''Sukhishvilebi'', Nino Katamadze and the band ''INSIGHT'' in Kutaisi!

Within the framework of the project "Check-in Georgia", on Septembet 4, another great concert will be held on central square of Kutaisi.

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QR Codes

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In the near future there will be information boards in Georgian as well as in English languages on the monuments in the city center.

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