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What to See?

Resort Nunisi

The resort Nunisi is located in the beautiful village of Nunisi and is surrounded by mixed, deciduous and coniferous forests. There is no other similar resort in the world due to its healing properties. Nunisi healing water is useful for those who suffer from skin and nervous diseases. And in the spring, during the flowering of pines and spruces, the resort air has an amazing healing effect and it is especially beneficial for the lungs and bronchi.


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Tskaltubo Spa Resort

Tskaltubo Spa resort is located 9 km away from Kutaisi. The unique landmark of the city is its architecture, which represents the buildings built in the Soviet, Stalinist empire style, some of which still need to be restored, although these buildings attract the lovers of industrial tourism. Tskaltubo was known for its healing waters as early as the VII-IX centuries. The healing properties of thermal waters are still incomparable today.

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Resort Sulori

The balneological resort of Sulori is located in Vani municipality, on the bank of the river Sulori, 11km from the Vani center and 40km from Kutaisi. This small, 15-kilometer-long river has only 2 tributaries wherefrom comes its name – ‘Sul Ori’ (‘only two’ in Georgian). The resort has the same name as the river - Sulori because the healing warm water comes from the Sulori cliff.

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