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St. George Monastery in Tabakini is located 8 km away from Zestaponi. The monastery was built in VII-VIII cc. It is distinguished by its rich history, architecture, and the frescoes of the XVI c. The church is a double-aisled basilica, there is a bell tower of a later period next to the monastery. The monastic life was developed here in the Middle Ages and 70 monks served there. The monastery was demolished in the 1620s. Then Gerasime Chkhetidze, the Bishop from Kutaisi renovated it. The image of King Bagrat III (1510-1565) of Imereti is preserved in the church; A new part of the monastery was built in the XX century.


Address: a village of Tabakini, Zestafoni municipality

Opening hours: every day, 10:00-18:00.