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Mghvimevi Nunnery, founded in the 13th century, is one of the most unique monuments in Georgia. The nunnery complex consists of many buildings. The main temple is named after the Savior. It is a two-aisled basilica, which is separated from each other by arches supported by massive columns. The facade of the building is decorated with very beautiful carvings. There is the Mghvimevi cave behind the central temple, where services are held on major holidays. Another attraction of the nunnery is the small hall church. Its ceiling and west wall are natural rocks. A head of a ram is engraved on the east wall of this church, and there are frescos on the outer part of the south wall. There are other architectural buildings of the nunnery: the bell tower and cells for nuns.


Address: a village of Mghvimevi, Chiatura municipality

Open: every day, 10:00-16:00