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The church of St. George on Gogni Mountain is a monument of the VII-VIII centuries. This place is distinguished by its beauty and it is a holy place. According to the legend, all the men died in the village of Gogni and no one knew a reason for it. One of the villagers dreamt and came to the answer. The cause of their misfortune should have been found in the river. So, the icon of St. George was taken from the river and was placed on the cartwheel. The oxen went to the highest point and stopped there. Finally, the temple was built in that place. It is also said that the door of the church was hung several times, but each time it fell. That is why he was called "Karugdebeli".(A church without a door) To celebrate St. George Day, people start going to the church night before. A large number of pilgrims from different parts of the country visit it during the day. On May 6, thousands of believers visit the holy place annually.


Address: A village of Gogni, Terjola