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A gallery located in the center of the city holds important works of Georgian fine art. It was founded in 1974 and nowadays collects nearly 3000 exponents. A visitor will find out paintings of worldwide famous Georgian artists, such as Niko Pirosmani, David Kakabadze, Felix Varla. The gallery is named after David Kakabadze who was born in a little village near Kutaisi. With the help of Georgian philanthropists, he studied at the University of Petersburg and graduated it in 1916. He returned to Tbilisi for a little while. After that, the Georgian government sent him to Paris where he was living between 1919-1927 years. His drawings represent pretty little villages of his homeland Imereti and it was also him who made a vast collection of cubist paintings. Some of them you can find in the Gallery. The innovations of David Kakabadze are important even today. He created a conception of glassless stereo cinematograph and he was working on technical methods of lighting, 3D image, etc.


Entry: Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:30

Address: Rustaveli ave. #8