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The wine cellar "Maradiuli" is distinguished with an uninterrupted tradition of viticulture and wine making. The ancient Imeretian varieties of grapes are cultivated at an altitude of 560 m above sea level. Wine is produced from the blend of two grape varieties, Dzalshavi and Tsolikauri. The wine is fermented and stored in the qvevri (a large earthenware vessel), using a traditional method of making wine. The wine is organic. It does not undergo filtering and chemical processes.

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Village Merjevi, Sachkhere, 95 km. away from Kutaisi.
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+995 (0) 599 706 461
  • Wine: Tsolikouri, Dzelshavi
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Culinary Masterclasses
  • Languages: Russian, German