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Wine production company "Khomlis Marani" was founded in 2010. The goal of the company is to produce bio / organic pitcher wines using ancient Georgian traditional methods. The vineyards are planted on the slope of the mystical Khvamli mountain, which is cultivated without the use of equipment, only by hand. Numerous historical, legendary, fictional or mysterious stories are associated with the name of Khvamli Mountain. On the north-western slope of this mountain there is one of the most valuable Georgian vines Usakhelouri, from which the wine of the same name is made. The particularly high price of this wine, along with its special and distinctive properties, is conditioned by the small area of ​​its distribution, as these vineyards flourish only in the vicinity of the villages of Zubi and Okureshi.

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Village Gvishtibi, Tskaltubo, 17 km. away from Kutaisi.
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+995 (0) 571 502 205