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The wine cellar belongs to a young winemaker, who started working as a viticulturist in the village of Dimi at the age of 15. The village of Dimi is distinguished by a high-quality grape harvest, which is facilitated by the local land and climate. Our goal is not to lose the technology and flavor of Georgian traditional wine aging and we try to make the result obtained from the vine as natural and pleasant as possible. First of all, our wines are made in pitchers, and we also pay attention to the varieties of grapes that can only be grown in the village of Dimi and which have healing properties.

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Village Dimi, Kakauridze str, deadlock #5, 25 km. away from Kutaisi.
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+995 (0) 577 391 636; +995 (0) 595 900 738
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  • Type of cuisine: Georgian traditional dishes 
  • Type of wine: Tsitska - Tsolikouri, Tsolikouri, coupage of three different red wines (additionally three types of spirit)
  • Maximum capacity: 10 people
  • Working hours: 12 pm _ 3 am