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Restaurant chain Baraqa 1994 has operated on the Georgian market for 27 years now and it’s known as one of Kutaisi's iconic places for foreign visitors. The central branch is located on Tamar Mepe street and offers different gastronomic spaces to its customers. A wine cellar with a fireplace, Imeretian Oda house, an open wattle hut, a wine cellar with Georgian qvevri vessel, a European hall, and many more are the places which are located in the center of the city and can be visited at any time of the year. 

The main quality of the restaurant lies in its verified menu, which can be checked online on the following link: Another reason why Baraqa became a unique place for foreign visitors is that here we make wine by ourselves and we invite our guests to taste it. 

The last news from Baraqa is that we started producing the first locally made sausage, in the process of which we don’t use technical equipment, they are handmade.

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Tamar mepe str. #7, Kutaisi
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+995 (0) 599 192 626