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Since childhood, I had to travel a lot to different regions of Georgia, which turned into an interest when I was a student and later turned into a profession. I know both western and eastern Georgia and the mountainous region of our country. I know what the regions have in common and how they differ from one other. I am proud to be Georgian and I love to brag about our culture and history to my guests. I always try to show my guests things as I see them, at the same time I face the reality and talk to them about our difficult issues. I am engaged in winemaking professionally, and therefore I can easily travel my tourists to the world of Georgian wine. I love my work because it's nice to meet new people every time, travel and introduce Georgia for them. I believe that a tourist who is in love with Georgia becomes a friend and an ambassador of our country in his surroundings. That's why I'm trying to get a lot of supporters for our country. I think that tour guiding is the most correct occupation for Georgians, because hospitality occupies a large and important place in our customs.

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