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Cloisonné Enamel Workshop

Cloisonne Enamel salon N. Art offers masterclasses for making jewelry made cloisonne enamel using the traditional Georgian method. If you have a desire to make your own jewelry by yourself, you will have the opportunity to choose shape, colours and create it according to your taste. 

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Travel with Mta Campervan

A campervan can take you to beautiful places, where hotels have not reached yet and Mta Campervan will guarantee your nice stay at any location. Mta Campervan is the very first self-built campervan rental in Georgia. 

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One of the distinctive features of Kutaisi is that unlike many other cities, rafting is possible on the River Rioni. On the 4 km long section of the river you will be able to see the most impressive part of the city and pass under the famous bridges of Kutaisi.

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Geo Bike Tour

Geo Bike Tour organizes bicycle tours lasting from one to four days throughout Imereti and Georgia. The paths connect with the sights of Imereti and go into the entrails of Imereti nature, against the background of beautiful panoramic views.

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Sveri Adventure Camp

Sveri Adventure Camp, located in Chiatura municipality, village Sveri, offers visitors to enjoy one of the most impressive vacations of their lives, to experience real adventures with friends, family, and co-workers. Here, in a well-equipped camp, you will find wooden cottages, a camping area, lounge and children's areas, WiFi. Also, picnic, bonfire, kitchen, dining, and shower areas, as well as sports equipment rental software.

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Dzmuisi Canyon is located 55 km away from Kutaisi, in Tkibuli Municipality.

It takes 2 hours drive from Kutaisi to Dzmuisi, a 1-hour walk through the forest trail, and another 5 hours for canyoning itself.

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Zip Line in Imereti

Zip Lines in Imereti are located in the Resort Sairme and nearby Kinchkha Waterfall.

Resort Sairme offers an 800metre long line, which starts from the mountains of the part territory and it’s the longest line in Transcaucasia.

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An extreme speleo tour in Melouri Cave

If you are fond of extreme tourism, the Melouri Cave nearby the Prometheus Cave is the best place to visit. The proper equipment is required and a specialist to guide you in the cave as the section is horizontal but difficult to access.

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Digital Routes

One can have a nice time hiking in the mountainous sites surrounding Kutaisi. Together with enjoying an outdoor journey in nature, you can visit cultural monuments as well. 

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