Let's enjoy the wonders of the ancient!

As you may already know (before choosing this destination you probably googled it and read some things on our web site tooJ), Kutaisi is an ancient city, on the list of the Top 5 oldest cities in the world, which has an impact of the Soviet Union times and is being renovated till these days. One can find many things here to do, to eat, to wonder and just learn many of the simple things you didn’t know, from our everyday life, urban culture.


Let’s take a small tour together in and around Kutaisi. Our first impression begins from the Airport and you probably don’t know that the watch tower is on the list of Top 5 highest airport towers in East Europe. Then we take a taxi or Georgian Bus to get to the city. If the weather is bad, one may think that it's a dull city while entering it, but if you watch carefully and take a look around, you’ll notice the beauty of Kutaisi, its history written on the walls of each building - the mix of modern with that ancient architecture.



When you reach the very heart of the city, you’ll notice the magnificent Bagrati Cathedral, which is in 10 minutes walk from the city center. Bagrati is included in Unesco World Heritage Sites. Now you can take time and enjoy the view overlooking the whole city from above, which is even more magnificent at night, overthink the centuries that the cathedral keeps inside and go on your journey. We can come back to the city by cable car, crossing Rioni - the most affluent river in Georgia. Its White Stones are like a visit card to Kutaisi. Many famous Georgian and foreign poets dedicated rhymes and ballads to Rioni and White Stones. Among them were famous Tsisperkantselebi, who gave birth to new directions in Georgian prose-writing and literature (a group of Georgian Symbolist poets and writers called “The Blue Horns”). 

While wondering in the city center you’ll notice the bridges crossing the river. Two of them are named after their color: White and Red and the other two: Chain Bridge and Rustaveli, which are very beautiful at night time too, because of the lights. The most important sites located in the city center you can explore in a day or two. The fountain on the central square includes the features found during archaeological excavations in Vani, with Tamada (head of the feast in Georgia) on the topJ.

The small, cozy cafes around the corners and open spaces make you feel the true spirit of Kutaisi. The smells will take you in and get you acquainted with the most delicious cuisine in Caucasus – Imeretian Cuisine, with its Khachapuri, Pkhali, Ajapsandali, Khinkali, Bazhe and so on…and the most important, there are places in the city, where you can taste almost every kind of homemade wine from Imereti region and appear in a true Georgian atmosphere. Then go to the hotel or set up a tent in Saghoria forest and plan another day of discoveries. The one I surely recommend is to take a trekking path from Motsameta to Gelati Monastery - also included in Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Let’s stop here and discover other wonders of Kutaisi together some other time.