Useful Information


  • In the city centre there are souvenir shops. Very popular souvenirs are: khantsi (horn for drinking wine), other folk craft products, Georgian wine, chacha (Georgian strong grape vodka).
  • Georgia is situated in subtropical climate zone, therefore, summers might be very hot (it is recommended to have a bottle of drinking water and to avoid long exposure to the sun). Generally, the weather is mild, sometimes with strong wind. In spring and autumn you are kindly advised to take your raincoat or umbrella. Winters are not very cold (average temperature 3-5), but you may experience some snow.
  • While visiting churches or monasteries men should wear long trousers and women should cover their heads and wear long skirts. (If you do not have them, you will find special clothes at the entrance to most churches or monasteries). Donations are welcomed. They will help us to preserve our heritage for other generations and visitors.
  • Wi-fi  is available in most cafes and restaurants. Sometimes you need to ask for a password.
  • Smoking in bars, restaurants, other public places and in the streets is allowed.
  • Languages: Tourist Information Centre staff speaks fluent English, Russian and of course Georgian. You may expect that restaurants, bars and cafes in the central area of the city will have menus in English and Russian. Marshutkas to main tourist destinations usually will have signs with names of the cities in Latin alphabet (e.g. Tbilisi, Batumi), so they are much easier to be found by foreign travelers. Some Russian might be helpful, young people, mainly students, will speak at least basic English. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Drinking alcohol in the street is prohibited.
  • The city is quite safe, but please watch the traffic. In case of emergency you can call 112.
  • Sending a postcard: you can buy and send postcards from two post offices. We kindly remind you that they work until 5PM and  after this time, the only available mailbox is at 7 Tsminda Nino Street.
  •  Georgian Post Service Center, address: 7 Tsminda Nino Street in the city center. 
  • Our Currency is called Lari (GEL) and the small ones are Tetri
  • For charging your phone balance for Georgian Sim cards use machines called a paybox, which closely resembles a free-standing ATM and are on almost every corner. Be careful – they don’t give change.
  • Plugs and adapters are similar to EU system;
  • You can drink tap water;
  • Elevators might require coins in some buildings;