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Tskaltubo resort is situated in 7 kilometers from Kutaisi.  It is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs. 33–35 °C natural temperature of waters - is the reason of a longtime healthy life. It is also called ''Water of Life''. Tskaltubo is especially famous for its thermal mineral baths. The springs, hot mineral radon and thermal waters have special physical and chemical properties and are known for a peculiar technique of taking a bath.

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The resort Sairme is located in the south of Kutaisi at an altitude of 950 meters, in Baghdadi Municipality. This place is known for its unique location, mineral springs, ecologically clean environment and beautiful nature. The resort is located in the subtropical, mountainous zone.

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sulori1The resort Sulori lays on Adjara-Akhaltsikhe mountain slopes, in 11 km from Vani, at the altitude of 250 meters. It is the local spa resort. The climate is humid subtropical. The resort has a great variety of flora, in particular the best-leaved (oak, beech, hornbeam) forests, orchards and citrus plantations.

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Well -known for its sanative properties  and natural beauty, celebrity resort “samtanunisi" is situated in the south-eastern part of Kharagauli National Park, near the Likhi Ridge foothills, at the altitude of 750 meters. Deciduous and coniferous forests create the unique microclimate of Nunisi. The resort is crossed by the river Nunisistskali.

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