Prometheus Cave

გარედან დასადები

Prometheus Cave, one of the richest and oldest caves of Europe, is located 35 km from Kutaisi. The name of the cave comes from the hero of Greek mythology –Prometheus, who according to the legend was chained to the Caucasus range for 30 000 years. There are 16 halls in Prometheus cave which greatly differ from one another by scale and fossilized drop forms.

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Sataplia Reserve


The Beautiful Sataplia reserve is located 7 km from Kutaisi, the reserve is rich with diverse flora and fauna. Sataplia complex includes karst cave, 100 million-year-old dinosaur footprints, panoramic glass bridge, exhibition hall and hiking paths, 95% of the territory is covered by forests of Colchis, Here you can see many types of  animals such as roe, marten, badger, fox, rabbits and squirrels.

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Okatse Canyon


Okatse canyon, one of the unique sites of Europe, is located in the village of Gordi of Khoni municipality, in the vicinity of the river okatse. The path, hanging on a cliff, is 2 km in length, from which visitors can see the whole canyon. From the lowest point the height is about 100 meters, and the width is 4 meters. Canyon is decorated with a few cascading waterfalls.

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Martvili Canyon


Martvili canyon is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Samegrelo, in the area of Gachedili village. The canyon is situated 240 meters from the sea level. The total length of the canyon is  2400m,  and the depth 20-40 meters.  It is divided step wise into several places and forms beautiful twelve-meter length famous Martvili waterfall.

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