Bagrati Cathedral


The Symbol of the united Georgia, the Cathedral of Dormition or more commonly known as   Bagrati Cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions of Kutaisi.  It was built during the reign of King Bagrat III in 1003. In 1994, Bagrati  Cathedral was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list as a single entity.

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Gelati Monastery


Gelati Monastery - magnificent monument of Georgian architecture, is located 11 kilometers from Kutaisi on the left side of the beautiful river Tskhaltsitela. It is placed on the hill, from which   the Caucasus range is visible northwardly, west and south the monastery is surrounded by wooded mountains.

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Motsameta Monastery


Motsameta monastery is located 6 kilometers from Kutaisi, in a small village Motsameta. The monastery is set on a cliff top above the bend of the Tskaltsitela River. It was built in the 8th century. The name of Motsameta derives from Georgian name '' matryrdom '' and is connected to two brothers David and Konstantine Mkheidzeebi.

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Katskhi Pillar

katskhi Pillar

The Katskhi pillar is a natural limestone monolith located at the village of Katskhi in Imereti region, near the town of Chiatura. It is approximately 40 metres  high, and overlooks the small river valley of Katskhura. The rock has been venerated by locals as the Pillar of Life. It remained unclimbed by researchers and unsurveyed until 1944 and was more systematically studied from 1999 to 2009.

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Mghvimevi Monastery


Mghvimevi Monastery located on East of Chiatura and situated in the high rock cave on the right side of the river Kvirila is an important monument of the XIII century. The courtyard of the monastery is crossed by the trail, which is cut in the rock horizontally and ends at main cave, at the entrance of which the big and small churches are built.

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Geguti Palace

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Geguti Palace is an architectural monument of the feudal Georgia. The so-called fortress is located 7 km. south from Kutaisi, in an open filed, on the left bank of the river Rioni, close to the King’s hunting places, as they say. The ruins hold an area of 2000sq.m.

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