Kutaisi - Parliamentary City


Parliamentary City

Can you imagine that the ground beneath your feet is over 3500 years old?

Centuries ago, in the Kingdom of Colchis, Kutaisi then known as Aia sparkled by its wealth, the history of which is depicted in the legend about “Golden Fleece” from Greek mythology.

Not many cities have managed to retain their historic features quite as successfully as Kutaisi, the parliamentary capital of Georgia. Here you will discover the blend of Asian and European cultures, traditions, cuisine, art and unique folklore.

There's a lot packed into just one city - architectural masterpieces and impressive monuments, remarkable museums and natural landscapes, and a history harking back far beyond the ages. Top it off with a fabulous hospitality, unique wine, food and a culinary culture that will remain in you forever.  A Wide network of hotels, guest houses, agro-tourism farms, resorts, Georgian restaurants, entertainment and relaxation centers are waiting for you and the only hard part is deciding where to go first. 

Kutaisi is beautiful to explore any season. The city and its metropolitan area offer a wide range of different activities such as – rafting on the river Rioni, hiking in mountains, tracking in the Colchis forest, camping in beautiful nature, horse riding in Imeretian villages and many other exciting experiences.

More than 200 historical monuments are spread across the region, including the Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral which are both listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Explore Imereti Region and find out what hidden discoveries await you.


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