Mineral Water

fresh drinking water

Mineral water is your perfect companion during Georgian meals but also during hiking or sightseeing, especially on hot summer days.

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Sairme Water

nakaduli mcvane eng

Sairme water is a natural spring water from Imereti Region. It contains a lot of minerals and trace elements.

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mineral water borjomi

Borjomi is Georgian super star among mineral waters. You can buy it all over the world. Its slightly bitter-salty taste and natural bubbles will help quench your thirst.

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Laghidze Water

lagidze water

Laghidze is a popular Georgian beverage made from flavoured soda water. Polish political exile and pharmacist Cezary Ivanovski had an idea of production of soft drink with natural fruit syrups.

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Lemonades are Georgian speciality. What is the secret behind it? First of all,  they are prepared from the healthy and pure water.

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