Imeruli Khachapuri


One of the Georgia’s popular types of cheese bread. It’s prepared differently in all parts of Georgia. It means there are several variations of this dish.

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4079d02be1dfQuite similar to khachapuri is lobiani, which is stuffed not with cheese but with spiced beans.

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Mtsvadi - pieces of skewered roasted meat are areal Caucasian treat.

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Khinkali or Royal Georgian Dumplings

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It is a Georgian type of dumpling, originated in mountainous regions of Mtiuleti, Phshavi and Khevsureti. They are made of mixed pork and beef, sometimes mutton.

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saciviSatsivi is a thick sauce made from walnuts and served cold (‘Tsivi’ means ‘cold’ in Georgian).

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Mchadi is a Georgian cornbread. It is baked in a clay dish called “ketsi”, dough is wrapped in the fresh chestnut leaves.  It tastes absolutely fantastic with cheese, lobio (kidney beans) or walnut sauces.

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Imeretian cheese

a20187Imeretian cheese is made of cow’s fresh milk. It is very soft and pleasant to eat.

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Chakhokhbili is stewed chicken with fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes. Red sweet pepper enriches the flavour of the dish.

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Fried eggplant rolls


Fried eggplant rolls with walnut-garlic filling- the eggplant or aubergine has a long history in Georgian cuisine.

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Kuchmachi is one of the traditional Georgian dishes.

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ojakhuri family meal

Ojakhuri is a popular dish with roasted pork and potatoes. Ojakhuri simply means “a family meal”. 

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pkhaliPhkhali is very popular Georgian appetizer or side dish and it comes in a variety of forms. It can be made with many different types of leaves, including spinach, nettles, cabbage, and beetroot.

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Chakapuli is a traditional Georgian stew made with lamb, tarragon leaves and white wine.

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Kharcho Soup recipeSoup-Kharcho is delicious Georgian dish of beef and rice. There are lots of regional variations for the Georgian kharcho.

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bajheBajhe is the most versatile of Georgian walnut sauces, made with either red wine vinegar or pomegranate juice.

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Fried quail



Fried quail is another popular dish in Georgian cuisine. This dish, along with many others, usually is consumed with tkemali sauce (sour wild plum sauce), blackberry or nut sauce. 

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Georgian bread - Lavashi


Puri in Georgian means bread. It is served with nearly every meal. Traditionally it is baked in a deep circular clay oven called “tone”. “Shotis puri” is an archaic type of bread. You can easily recognize it by its long and pointed shape.

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12988124 1084943474882332 614935734 nLobio – is a popular dish made with kidney beans and usually eaten with Mchadi and marinated vegetables.

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