p trekking las lenas

Walking isthe healthiness and herewith a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes. Trekking is an activity when you can discover and visit such inaccessible places that can not be reached by any transports. In this respect, especially Kutaisi and its surroundings offer a great opportunity for those who are interested in this kind of sport activity.The visitors will be captivated with the nature of Imereti Region, which amazes everyone for its diversity. It has landscapes from the variety of climatic zones, ranging from deciduous forests and tropical plants of Colchis lowland, ending with the alpine valleys, which are located high in the mountains.

This diversity is caused for the special geographical location of Imereti Region, where the lowest place above the sea level is approximately at 20 meters, and the highest point at an altitude of 285 meters. One hour way from Kutaisi you can go trekking in the mountains, relax near the river blank, visit the caves, take a walk along the canyon, swim under a waterfall or just recreate in the naturally hot water basin.