Children entertainment centers


In Kutaisi, there are many children entertainment centers. Here you can give your children a happy smile and unforgettable adventures. Also, it is possible to leave children in the entertainment center and professional staff will take care of them.

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Laguna contains large and small water pool, fitness center, aerobics, massage, solarium and swimming courses for children. Laguna also has professional instructors and staff.

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Café-movie Brothers

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Café-movie Brothers is a small cinema in Kutaisi. Here you can watch a movie in the usual and as well as in 3D format. Visitors also can taste sweets in the café.

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Puppet theater


Puppet theatre operates in Kutaisi since 1946  and is very popular among children. Nowadays it offers 21 performances.

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Aqua park

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Aqua park offers different fun activities and provides an opportunity to spend an unforgettable time in hot days of summer.

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Ice rink


Ice rink operates in Kutaisi from 2011. It is designed only for children and nowadays it serves approximately 700 children. Here you can skate or play hockey.

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Mask Theatre

CC theatre mask

Mask theatre is located in Kharazov garden, this building was repaired recently and it is designed for 210 visitors.  An amazing thing about Kutaisi Mask theatre is that everything here is handmade and theatre has a wonderful and different repertoire.

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